Don't Fence Me In
A Film by Ruth Gumnit
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"I loved it! Filmed so beautifully and tellingly, it's exactly what we need to know."
     —Albert Maysles
       named "the dean of documentary filmmakers"
       by the NY Times, May 6, 2004

"Don't Fence Me In is a riveting film that brings to life the tragedies faced by the Karen people of Burma. It is an important work that captures, in a very personal way, the depth of the struggle for freedom in Burma."
     —Harold C. Nathan Ph.D.,
       Chairman of the Foundation for the People of Burma

"Deeply moving and hauntingly beautiful, Don't Fence Me In...tells a universal story of struggle against oppression and the creativity and courage that inspire people to make meaning of their lives as their most basic rights--including the right to live--are systematically violated."
     —Ellen Bruno
       Filmmaker of the award-winning documentary
       Sacrifice: The story of Child Prostitutes from Burma

"A powerful documentary. An eye-opening tribute to a nation determined to chart the course of its own political destiny and a people fighting for survival."
        —Booklist Magazine

"Major Mary is an unforgettable character."
        —Video Librarian Magazine

"This moving program will be useful in a variety of classroom settings as well as for individual research. It's hoped that this and other instances of ethnic cleansing will one day be viewed as 'history,' and this stirring chronicle may play a part in that process."
        —School Library Journal

Girls at the market, Umphium refugee camp

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