Don't Fence Me In
A Film by Ruth Gumnit
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Producer/Director/Writer/Camera: Ruth Gumnit
Editor, Writer: Gail Huddleson
Editing, Producing and Writing Consultant: Ellen Bruno
Sound Design, Sound Post Production: Jeremiah Moore
Additional Sound Design: Gail Huddleson
Editorial Consultant: Nathaniel Dorsky
Additional Editing: Sapana Sakya
Assistant Editors: Ryan Shake, John Neely, Pema Chogkhan
Translation: Ne Min, Bunny Kacher
Producing Assistance: Lindsay Sablosky, Shiu-chin Linda Hsu, T. Kebo Drew, Marguerite Salmon

Music performed by: The Thai Elephant Orchestra Composed by Dave Soldier/Richard Lair, Mulatta Records, pub. Rigglius Music, ASCAP
Additional Sounds and Music: Rick Heizman, Jeremiah Moore, Pema Chogkhan
Archival Footage: Images Asia, Ellen Bruno, Burma Border Consortium, U.S. National Archives and Records
Fiscal Sponsorship: Film Arts Foundation
Funding: Nu Lambda Trust, Pacific Pioneer Fund, Serpent Source for Women
Online Editor, BAVC: Heather Lyon Weaver
Titles, BAVC: Janel Quirante
Postproduction Supervisor, BAVC: Michella Rivera-Gravage
Web site design and Development: Pema Chogkhan

Thanks To:
Marguerite Salmon, Jeanne Hallacy, Paul and Sue Lotke, Daniel Gumnit, Linda Kuusisto, the Gumnit/Lotke Clan, Valerie Lee, Gail Silva, Madeleine Lim, Laurie Maund, David Nicolson Freidberg, Dr.Siribenja Khowadhtana, Natalie Kraitrakul, Saninuj Sawasdikosol, Laurie Lazer, Darryl Smith, Sam Kalayanee, Sally Larsen, Charlie Wehrenberg, Mark Houts, Lisa Ginsberg, Laurie Cahn, Barbara Donovan, Susan Moorehead, Kris Handwerk, Andy Wiskes, and Kore MacKenzie.

Special Thanks To:
Major Mary On, the people of Huay Kalok, Umphium and Mae La refugee camps and the many Karen people who helped so much but for their safety could not be named.

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